" I wanted to thank you for representing the AIR Commercial Real Estate Association on our lease in Southern California. The fact that it was a rather small transaction makes your efforts and attention to detail all the more impressive. Being able to rely on your intimate knowledge of our lease forms made the process quick, efficient and stress-free. Certainly if I have any real estate needs in the future, I will count on your guidance."

-Timothy Hayes

Executive Director - AIR Commercial Real Estate Association

 "John has an impressive breadth and depth of high-level experience in all facets of commercial real estate - from brokerage, property and asset management to financial analysis and institutional ownership. His expertise has been forged over a 25-year career during which he has proven himself to be a highly-skilled, eminently ethical commercial real estate advisor."

-Jones Lang LaSalle

Senior Managing Director - 360 Commercial Partners, Inc.

"John is a seasoned commercial real estate professional. He possesses competencies in many aspects of the business having been a broker, investor, owner, and manager of office and industrial property in multiple markets, for over 25 years."

-John Fucci

Senior Vice President, Asset Management - Kilroy Realty Corporation

"John played a instrumental role in Fujita Corporation's success in the United States. His insight, experience and hard work proved to be invaluable. We relied upon John to direct the management of all of our assets and to operate our property management company. He was extremely effective in the roles he played for Fujita Corporation, USA."

-Tatsuo Fujii

President - Fujita Corporation, USA

"I have known John for over 20 years. He has a great knowledge of the commercial real estate industry from many different perspectives: Broker, Real Estate Owner and Manager. He has the utmost integrity in not only his negotiations of real estate transactions but also in terms of how he conducts his everyday life."

-Stuart Hutchison

Regional Manager - PS Business Parks

 "John was instrumental in my lease negotiations on a deal where my client (a tenant) was negotiating lease language on a Landlord written lease form. After both respective attorneys dug in their heels on a very vague and onerous "pro-landlord" clause we reached what seemed like an insurmountable, deal breaking issue with the clause itself. John was contacted because of his reputation as a foremost authority on real estate transactions and lease documents and their structuring in general. John's counsel allowed me and my client to better understand the true business implications of the terms at hand and their realistic implications, which were much less important to both Landlord and Tenant than either party, or their respective counsels, had originally thought. We proposed a compromise that incorporated Johns advice and that addressed the needs of both parties. His knowledge and capacity to translate complex legal terms and language into simple real world examples and cut through the minutia helped us identify what was most important to us. I would highly recommend him in any counseling and expert witness arenas and hold his opinions and insight with the highest regard."

-Seth Davenport

Senior Vice President - Voit Real Estate Services

"I think your presence helped influence the mediator, if not the other side. You did a nice job presenting your opinion, especially given the tremendous time pressure and nuances to the case."

-Oren Bitan

A Professional Coporation

"Great job!!! Your class was very well received in San Diego (standing room only) and you are an excellent instructor. Your slides were wonderful and you enhanced the presentation by walking through the forms with ease. Thank you for restating every questions and responding clearly with great examples. We will have you back very soon!!!!"

-Kathy Biewenga

President - CCIM So. Calif. Chapter

 “John’s presentation to our organization was an insightful, articulate and highly valuable coverage of this important set of commonly used documents. John’s energy, speaking skills, enthusiasm and obvious expertise made the 90 minutes fly by. I am looking forward to our organization having him back for another, more in-depth session soon.”

-Dennis Hearst

Senior Vice President - CBRE

 “BB& T engaged John to testify as an expert witness with respect to the interpretation of a rent adjustment clause contained in a commercial lease from the early 1970’s. BB& T is the tenant under the lease and its new landlord was seeking to reinterpret the lease so as to increase the rent threefold. Based on John’s extensive experience and knowledge with respect to commercial leasing, developed as an owner and broker with respect to commercial properties, as well as his experience as an instructor and writer with respect to commercial lease forms, he was able to present persuasive arguments to the arbitration panel as to why the landlord’s interpretation must be rejected. The panel accepted his opinions and ruled favorably for BB&T.”

-Richard W. Luchs, Esq.

Greenstein DeLorme & Luchs, P.C.

   "Mr. Pagliassotti brings value of opinion that is difficult to match by way of typical commercial real estate counsel. He brings insight into the conventional understanding of binding contract language in AIR documents and how they are generally interpreted by participants (brokers, Landlords, Tenants, Buyers, Sellers, Etc.) in the industry. In addition to sitting on the board which makes draft change decisions to AIR lease and sale transaction documents, his experience as an asset manager and broker adds depth to his considerable level of expertise. I would strongly recommend him."

-Joe Miller

MK Associates LTD

 "Over the past 5 years, John Pagliasotti has consulted with our company on 4 different lease/purchase negotiations. I can’t say enough about how helpful he was in securing for us a favorable agreement with some very sophisticated real estate parties. As an active commercial property owner, a real estate broker, and a member of the AIR Commercial Real Estate document oversight committee responsible for creating and modifying all AIR Commercial Real Estate forms for California, his knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. Among other things, he instinctively understands all the implications of each section on a standard lease form. More importantly, he has a keen business sense of what renters and landlords are seeking in a negotiation and how to drive these negotiations to a favorable outcome. John has been a tremendous asset for our company. We would be at a competitive disadvantage without him."

-Ken Lindt

CEO, Harbor Truck Bodies

"John, thank you for your help in drafting the lease amendment for our client. Your ability to easily decipher the 15 year old lease and offer clear and concise language to strengthen our client’s position is really appreciated and our client knows we have their best interest in mind!"

-Steve Wagner

Senior Vice President, Jones Lang LaSalle

  "We just received the Court of Appeal decision upholding our judgment and you figure quite prominently in it. Thank you again so much for your stellar work in this case. The clients and I really appreciated it."

-Lisa Weinberg

Partner, Gaines & Stacey, LLP

  "John Pagliassotti is one of the most polished expert witnesses I have encountered. His testimony regarding the lease provisions was the key to winning the case. I was so impressed by John's ability to handle cross-examination, while maintaining his composure and staying on target with his opinions. I am so thankful for having retained him as he is truly the expert on commercial leases and look forward to working with him again in the future."

-Philip H. Lo, Esq

Lynberg & Watkins

 "John Pagliassotti recently served as an expert witness for me in a hard fought breach of lease case involving damages in excess of $500,000.00. He performed thorough research, developed effective approaches to the issue of mitigation and was very responsive and well prepared for trial. After an eight day trial the jury verdict of March 13, 2020 came in at $543,000.00. In speaking to the jury following trial they found John to be the most credible and informative of all experts and witnesses. John’s trial testimony was extremely valuable and I highly recommend his services. "

-Edward L. Laird, Esq.


 "I sought John’s advice and insight on commercial real estate custom and practice in a broken deal situation. John was able to provide the relevant insights needed to resolve the dispute and help close the deal for my client. He was not only highly knowledgeable in his field, he was easy to work with, a good writer, and resourceful."

-Yonaton M. Rosenzweig

Partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP