John has provided educational seminars and training to thousands of real estate professionals over the past seven years on behalf of and in conjunction with the AIR Commercial Real Estate Association. These full day seminars and hourly training sessions provide invaluable insight and guidance on the use, meaning and content of all of the AIR real estate forms. Training will absolutely enhance the service any real estate professional offers to clients and help reduce liability related to a lack of understanding of the AIR forms. Training can be customized to meet the exact needs of any real estate professional. From one day seminars to one hour talks, John's training is sure to enhance the service that real estate professionals strive to provide to their clients.

"AIR Industrial/Commercial Contract Forms Review" - This seminar provides a comprehensive clarification and review of all of the current and latest revised AIR contract forms by a panel headed by John and his associate Richard L. Riemer, Esq.   (Full Day)

"AIR Forms; Common Mistakes, Misunderstandings and Confusion" - This presentation discusses and clarifies some of the most common mistakes relating to the use and understanding of the AIR forms. Some of the greatest liabilities to the commercial real estate profession can be eliminated with this brief and informative presentation. (2 Hours)

"Landlord’s Dirty Little Secrets" - This presentation unveils some of the most overlooked and under negotiated lease terms in any commercial real estate lease transaction. The potential savings to tenants is tens of thousands of dollars. The information provided in this presentation is insightful, meaningful and will serve to enhance any real estate professional’s service.   (2 Hours)

"Preparing AIR Leases" - This presentation is a step-by-step, comprehensive training on how to properly fill out all of the AIR lease forms. The information provided is pertinent to all real estate professionals regardless of field of expertise or experience.  It is absolutely critical to anyone that prepares the AIR lease forms in the conduct of their business.
(2 Hours)

"The Perils of Dual Agency" - This presentation provides an overview of one of the most misunderstood areas of the real estate brokerage business. Commercial real estate brokers and salespeople regularly and unwittingly create dual agency relationships with their clientele. The liability to the real estate community is potentially huge.   (1 Hour)

"Understanding the AIR's Standard Offer, Agreement and Escrow Instructions" - This presentation explains and simplifies some of the more misunderstood portions of one of the AIR's flagship and most used forms. This presentation is helpful to all real estate professionals who negotiate this form and escrow officers alike. (2 HOURS)